Nail Your Indian For Your Wedding

Every wedding is special! This is why; people plan their wedding for days so that everything is perfect. But there is one thing that haunts the bride and groom: what if things don’t fall into places? And that is scary (no one can deny the wedding stress). D-day demands a lot, starting from sending invitations, to shopping and then attending the guests, booking a caterer and of course, the dcor. All these can be very stressful, so why don’t you hire a professional who will give you the best Indian wedding decoration ideas.

5 Things In Which Professionals Will Help You
First of all, let’s get something straight. There is a reason why they are called professionals. Here are the ways in which they will make sure, your wedding looks nothing less than a dream:
i.Deciding on the theme
ii.Mandap dcor
iii.Stage decoration
iv.Light decoration
v.Deciding on the garland
Yes, all of these are extremely important to make sure that every aspect of your wedding day is cherished with joy and happiness. Every picture that will capture the moments will be absolutely perfect!

Some Ideas For Your Indian Wedding Decoration Themes
Let’s first start with the theme. You can certainly go for the Indian style with a modern twist and stick to flower dcor. Just remember one thing, there is nothing compared to original flower decorations for the wedding.
For the theme, you can go all flower theme, flower with decorative pieces, crystal bells in floral hanging, etc.

Here are some flower combinations that you can choose:
��Carnations – Peony- Fern Leaves
[Fact: Among the Christians, ferns are considered as the love leaves and as they grow, love also flourishes in a relation].
Carnations come in different colours, peony is dark purple and ferns you know, have small spiky leaves. Together as a bunch hanging with fairy lights will give it a very pretty look.
You can also add some small showpiece like crystals, artificial coloured jewells and sprinkle some stick-on sparkles on them just to add that extra. This looks particularly stunning as wedding stage decoration.

��Mums- Sea Lavender �� Stocks – Rose
If you want to keep it classy, then go for this combination. Mums are yellow, sea lavender violet; sticks are pinkish purple and red roses. There will be a beautiful contrast in colours, and the dcor will look absolutely stunning.
You can go for drape design with rajanigandha, mums and roses for mandap decoration.

��Peruvian Lily �� Tulip – Grape Hyacinth
Peruvian lilies are of different colours like pink, red, yellow, orange; go for the orangish red tulips and pair then with blue grape hyacinth. This will make your wedding decoration look gorgeous. Just add proper lights with them and let the charm spread. It can be used solo, as a bunch, on the tables, wedding stage, it will just add on to the glory.
Coming to the garland, there are three most trending garlands now:
-All rose garland
-All orchid garland
-The traditional rose and rajanigandha combination