Know About Some Few Quirky Non-traditional Indian Wedding

��Band’, ��Baaja’ and ��Baraat’ are the common factors of every Indian marriage which are exciting with the traditional setting, but it still has something amiss. Not every couple wish to make their D-day memorable using the same old wedding ideas. If you are one of those couples who believe in quirky wedding decors to make your wedding a little non-traditional, then this article for unconventional Indian wedding decoration ideas is definitely for you.

Decoration For Theme Wedding
You may like the idea of a royal theme or Hawaiian theme wedding for yourself. But where’s the fun when these ideas have become so common? You can go for few uncommon factors.
��Ask your planner to add your and your spouse’s pictures hanging from helium balloons similar to the magically floating candles in Harry potter.
��Or you can create an ambience similar to the movie Pakeeza with the nawabi look.
��You can also entangle hanging lights with tree branches to create an enchanted forest theme wedding decorations.
��Go for branched crystal chandeliers or white flower chandeliers intertwined with fairy lights at every corner of the wedding venue.
��You can create the mandap as a canopy of white flowers in a combination of vines and leaves.
��Leave the ghodi or the car and go for any other vehicle. Other options may be like an elephant, cycle or a bike in ��Sholay’ style!

Mehndi And Sangeet Dcor Ideas
What can be more interesting than giving a personal touch to your awaited occasion?And when it is about mehndi and sangeet; your cousins, aunts or even your grandma can’t stop gushing with excitement.
��You can ask for a bangle bazaar theme where you can decorate the entire area with strands of colourful bangles, genda flower strings in wavy pattern and colourful ribbons and gotas.
��You can loosely hang colourful flowy dupattas against the wall or windows or use them as throws over your sofas and lounges.
��You can use mirrored wall decals in the shape of elephants, couples, palanquins and stick it on the wall.
��You can hang around paper lanterns and flower pompoms for a fluffy decoration.

Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas
��You can make your wedding mandap the centre of attraction by decorating it with the combination of white and pink fairy lights, white gossamer drapes and red roses. This combination gives the altar a fairytale look.

��You can go for separate royal looking semi-open chambers created for bride and groom. The colour combination can be of red, golden and silver with maroon garnet at the fringes of golden and silver drapes.

Reception Stage Decoration Ideas
��Nothing can be better than an outdoor reception area where a huge tree is your reception stage. You can hang colourful threads and beads in various heights giving it an illusion of waterfall.

��Instead of going for reds and oranges, you can go for some cool colours. You can use blue and lavender coloured flowers at the two ends of the chairs where you and your better half will sit. The position of lights at bottom corners will give an underwater illusion.

��Instead of the classy dcor comprising of neutral colours, you can use green backdrop. It can be done by using green lamps surrounded by green marble to give the effect of faraway enchanted forest feel.