8 Useful Dos And Don’ts about Flower Decoration

Is your marriage on the cards? As the D-day approaches, you must be getting more and more excited, isn’t it? Considering the fact that your wedding is within the next 1 year, it’s quite natural that you have already planned for the best flower decoration for wedding. But wait, take some timeout and go through the useful dos and don’ts which will help you to sport the most beautiful dcor.

No matter whether you are taking some external help or opting for the ��Do-it-yourself’ route, here are some tips to speed up your wedding decoration process.

8 Dos And Don’ts To Have Perfect Flower Decoration
1. Do Keep It Simple
You might be very excited of getting married to your ��Prince Charming’, but that doesn’t mean you will make your floral dcor an entire messy affair. Rather than stuffing too many decoration ideas on yourself or your dcor planner, consider satin drapes, floral wedding bells and make it a simple affair.

2. Don’t Overlook Any Little Aspect
Since Indian weddings are a grand affair with several rituals, it is important that you look into every aspect of the celebration. From mehendi and sangeet decoration to reception stage, consider flowers like marigolds, tuberoses and roses in your floral wedding decorations for all occasions.

3. Do Consider The Longevity
While using flowers, it is important that you think of the longevity of each of the blossoms. While it is better to get some flowers right on the day of your wedding, there are some flowers like gladiolus, orchids, zinnia, chrysanthemums which have great durability. Best is to hire professionals for the job who will make the best arrangement for you.

4. Don’t Limit Yourself To Any Specific Flower
Is there any rule that you should stick to one particular flower only? It is important that you know about the seasonal flowers which will be available during your wedding season and plan accordingly. However, if you take help from best flower decorators, these experts can fulfill your demand of imported floral items and special flowers.

5. Do Think Of Your Wedding Venue
Another important aspect which you need to be careful about is the wedding venue. Whether you are having a beach wedding or indoor wedding, the location will influence your floral dcor. You need to opt for floral arrangements which match according to the location.

6. Do Match It With Your Wedding Lehenga
It is very important to consider your wedding lehenga while planning about ideal floral decoration. Consider decorating your ��phoolon ki chaadar’ in a way that it compliments your attire. However, professional wedding decoration experts will come up with more innovative ideas.

7. Do Consider The Lighting
No matter whether you are having an indoor or outdoor wedding, it is important that you lay special emphasis on your lighting. A good lighting will have its effect on your wedding costume, floral dcor, flower decoration pictures and everything.

8. Don’t Take It Too Much On Yourself
Since decorations form to be an important aspect in any wedding, it is better if you don’t take everything on yourself. Getting in touch with professionals who are experts in floral decoration, will be your most fruitful decision.