3 Ways How to Tell He Loves You

What is the difference between infatuation and real love? When it comes to relationships, it can be tricky to try and figure out just how serious the pairing is and whether or not it is something that is going to last. It’s easy to spend countless hours pondering whether or not he really loves you. However, check out these three important factors in how to tell he loves you.

You are Important

One of the critical factors that can determine the health of a relationship is whether or not the partners make each other a priority. This means setting aside opportunities to spend time together. It means being available when needed. When the time comes to plan out the weekend, the other person is consulted on the plans. This doesn’t mean that a couple needs to spend every waking minute together. Individuals should spend time with their friends. But if you want to be able to tell that he loves you, you need to be an important part of his life.

You are Protected

Gone are the days of fighting for a lady’s honor by setting up a duel. You may not need to be protected from actual physical threats, but he should stand by your side when things get difficult. When you are hurt or someone has wronged you, he has sympathy for what you are going through and wants to try and rectify the situation. If you are out in public and you feel uncomfortable, he takes you and walks away, no questions asked. If you want to be sure that he loves you, he needs to protect you.

You are Accepted

Everyone has talents and everyone has flaws. It’s important to create a relationship of acceptance. The more you get to know each other, the more those flaws, imperfections, and quirks are going to show through. He should accept who you are and not go out of his way to change you in an attempt to conform to what he is looking for. You should feel comfortable being yourself around him. If you want to be sure that he loves you, he needs to accept you for who you are.