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Some Things To Keep In Mind While Doing Flower Decoration For Wedding

No matter how modern trends of decoration are coming up, flowers in Indian weddings will always be the first pick. It is true that nothing can beat the elegance and ambience of flower decoration in wedding ceremonies. But there are certain things that one should remember while executing floral arrangements to decorate a venue.
Top florists in Bangalore have always suggested avoiding these flower mistakes that can ruin that entire dcor.

Things To Do For Best Flower Decoration Bangalore:
To avoid ending up with floral disasters, here are certain things that need to be kept in mind.
1. Have A Clear, Wider Picture In Mind
This means, one should always think of the venue as a whole while decorating with blossoms. Visualize the room full of your guests and place the flowers accordingly so that they don’t block movement of people around.
Placing a large flower vase at the centre would block the vision of the guests to see the mandap. So, place in the correct spot.

2. Choose The Right Colour Contrast
Colours can enhance the beauty of everything around. Avoid using all matching shades �� like purple flowers, purple drapes, and even purple outfit of bride and groom. That will look weird, dull and boring.
Instead, you can pick contrasts like light purple and peach or vibrant hues like purple, yellow and red. The best flower decorators in Bangalore will know innovative ways of arranging them. They will also assist their clients in choosing the right contrast that will perfectly go with the theme.

3. Avoid Flowers With Strong Fragrance
Most people think that flowers with strong fragrance are good ideas for decorating and those will keep up that fresh smelling ambience always. Well, not always. In case, any of the guests are allergic or have other health problems like migraine, they are going to go insane and worse, might also have an attack.
So, it’s better to drop that idea. Instead, go for soothing smells or no smell at all.

4. Hire Best Flower Decorators
Here comes the most common and major mistake people end up with �� hiring an inexperienced team of decorators. One should always appoint experienced and reliable professionals in Bangalore to enjoy a number of benefits like:
��Avail rare floral collections
��Get off season blooms anytime
��Have unique arrangements
��Experiment with different styles
��Quality service at cost-effective packages
[Tip: Don’t forget to click flower decoration pictures so that you can frame the efforts]

5. Place Your Order In Time:
If you are planning to decorate the venue with rare floral collection, placing your order in time is highly essential. It will be a great mistake to wait until the last minute. If shipping of the flowers is involved, clearly that requires time. The decorators should be given that much time to make the arrangements.
However, with the right florist, chances are you won’t be faced with any such trouble. They will let you know everything in details beforehand. Every way, they will ensure you have the most beautiful flower decoration for wedding.

New Unconventional Ideas For Your Marriage Decoration

In India, when it comes to party and celebration, everyone gets up on the tip of their toes. It is that time when you can actually see how enthusiastic everyone is. It certainly gives a sense of happiness and unity that one can never forget. Be it a house party, wedding, reception or marriage decoration of the venue is a must! But why just stick to the old conventional way of decorating? It’s time to add a modern twist to these designs.

Cocktail Party
When one hears this, the first thing that comes to mind is dim lights, classy music, and good wine. But why not pep up the theme a bit? Try using old bottles and fairy lights. Yes, be creative with the design. Use bottles of different shapes, colors and sizes. Along with that, add some dream catchers and artificial flower hangings just for that extra’ factor.
With these, your cocktail party decorations will be the talk of the town. In case if you run out of ideas, you can always opt to hire a professional company to help you in this. You can also try this with house parties too!

Mehndi And Sangeet Dcor
No more garlands and flowers. It’s time for mirrors, bells, lights, origami and small umbrellas. Yes, all these are so now on trend and will make the decoration look stunning. Moreover, by putting mirrors and small mirror hangings, these just add on to the aesthetic look that people will appreciate.
The other thing that you can try is cloth origami and drapes. This is more precise when it comes to a particular theme like the beach, where you can choose an open air ground and use shades of blue with white. Then go for swans, boats, etc. as dcor using cloth origami to complete the decoration.

Reception Stage
Here, the backdrop should be in focus first. It will be a couple’s first after marriage celebration. Now, they can try something which will be a visual treat, like paper flower lights, colorful bangle hangings, candles, small hearts hanging and other beautiful pieces to complete the reception stage decoration. Then there are golden net drapes to make it look more gorgeous.
You can also screen some of the pictures showing your togetherness. All these will make your reception memorable and unique.

Naming Ceremony
It is technically the first ceremonial celebration in a child’s life. So mark the beginning of your baby with a colourful ambiance. Go for the photograph themed naming ceremony decoration. Yes, it will certainly be a great experience. Hang pictures from the time you got to know that you are expecting a new member, to your child’s first photograph. There will certainly be many clicks. So, instead of just saving them in the gallery or uploading on social media sites, use them as a dcor.
If you are planning for any occasion, be it a house or cocktail party decorations, marriage or reception dcor, naming ceremony to birthday; plan your theme perfectly. But for perfect execution, one should absolutely take help from professionals and nail the celebration!

A Perfect Candid Wedding Photographer In Kolkata

We portray ourselves as the artisans to carve the statuette of memories from the pebble of the big day! And we succeed in bringing out the sculpture with great emotions and liveliness by sticking to the principle of “Unless you photograph what you love you are not going to make good art”. This formulates us as the best candid wedding photographer in Kolkata.

A good candid wedding photographer never takes photographs, but essentially makes it. Henceforth, one can easily comprehend what their lives connote to their dear ones.

Being one of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata, we appreciate the perception that depiction never metamorphoses even when the people in it do. We, as a team, feel your blissful moments along with your family and friends with hardest promise; as we can never get hold of others experience no matter which when we don’t!

A good candid photographer is one who brings out a story out of the fiesta with his captures. All he has to do is to get interested in people in front of his lens and be compassionate. It is always good when the photographer figures himself to be the instrument rather than his camera!! And we being the paramount instruments are forever and a day well equipped to alter your life by holding it tranquil.

As an excellent candid wedding photographer team we see all gorgeous stunning and beautiful things at weddings. But we get hold of life to them by observing entitling and composing the beauty.

There is just a small difference between a good candid photographer and the bad one. One can look at a picture for months and never think of it again; the same person can look at a picture for a fraction of second and think of it to his life end. There lies the eternity of the picture!

The lovely dopamine moments of your love life are certainly to be reflected on the wedding photography. They are just not pictures but are heartfull of sensation and love impressions of your feelings. We take good care of your amazing, astounding, miraculous and exquisite memories are never faded. And we as a team do it with utmost authenticity as we make effortful services by SHOOTING WHAT IT FEELS LIKE AND NOT BY WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!

To us taking an image is freezing a jiffy to reveal the rich genuineness, legitimacyand realness of the moment. We believe in humanity of the moment to make it more real than reality! This makes us the best wedding photographer in Kolkata.

We take in pride to succeed such a work of eternal flame!

As the candle flame is eternal,
And transforms the world above,
so are we to bring out the lively pictures
of the soul union festival!

Soul mates.. Two halves of the same soul
Joining together in life’s journey

Nail Your Indian For Your Wedding

Every wedding is special! This is why; people plan their wedding for days so that everything is perfect. But there is one thing that haunts the bride and groom: what if things don’t fall into places? And that is scary (no one can deny the wedding stress). D-day demands a lot, starting from sending invitations, to shopping and then attending the guests, booking a caterer and of course, the dcor. All these can be very stressful, so why don’t you hire a professional who will give you the best Indian wedding decoration ideas.

5 Things In Which Professionals Will Help You
First of all, let’s get something straight. There is a reason why they are called professionals. Here are the ways in which they will make sure, your wedding looks nothing less than a dream:
i.Deciding on the theme
ii.Mandap dcor
iii.Stage decoration
iv.Light decoration
v.Deciding on the garland
Yes, all of these are extremely important to make sure that every aspect of your wedding day is cherished with joy and happiness. Every picture that will capture the moments will be absolutely perfect!

Some Ideas For Your Indian Wedding Decoration Themes
Let’s first start with the theme. You can certainly go for the Indian style with a modern twist and stick to flower dcor. Just remember one thing, there is nothing compared to original flower decorations for the wedding.
For the theme, you can go all flower theme, flower with decorative pieces, crystal bells in floral hanging, etc.

Here are some flower combinations that you can choose:
��Carnations – Peony- Fern Leaves
[Fact: Among the Christians, ferns are considered as the love leaves and as they grow, love also flourishes in a relation].
Carnations come in different colours, peony is dark purple and ferns you know, have small spiky leaves. Together as a bunch hanging with fairy lights will give it a very pretty look.
You can also add some small showpiece like crystals, artificial coloured jewells and sprinkle some stick-on sparkles on them just to add that extra. This looks particularly stunning as wedding stage decoration.

��Mums- Sea Lavender �� Stocks – Rose
If you want to keep it classy, then go for this combination. Mums are yellow, sea lavender violet; sticks are pinkish purple and red roses. There will be a beautiful contrast in colours, and the dcor will look absolutely stunning.
You can go for drape design with rajanigandha, mums and roses for mandap decoration.

��Peruvian Lily �� Tulip – Grape Hyacinth
Peruvian lilies are of different colours like pink, red, yellow, orange; go for the orangish red tulips and pair then with blue grape hyacinth. This will make your wedding decoration look gorgeous. Just add proper lights with them and let the charm spread. It can be used solo, as a bunch, on the tables, wedding stage, it will just add on to the glory.
Coming to the garland, there are three most trending garlands now:
-All rose garland
-All orchid garland
-The traditional rose and rajanigandha combination