The Ultimate fairytale wedding at Disneyland Paris

If watching the various Disney princesses marry their true loves in royal style has made you swoon for years, you now have the chance to create your very own fairy tale wedding at Disneyland in Paris.

The city of love, Sleeping Beauty’s castle, and the love of your life – what more could you need to start your happily ever after?

Maybe a horse-drawn Cinderella-style carriage!

And now, this is all possible for couples seeking a destination wedding with a sprinkling of magic.

Disneyland Paris boasts a wedding planner to coordinate everything from the theme to the location within the grounds and any extras you wish to have for your big day. The idea is, that you just show up and enjoy the day.

Couples have the choice of designing a bespoke ceremony and reception, or there are a range of Romantic Wedding Collections packages available. For 32 000€ (almost $44,000), couples can have a 1920’s-inspired Newport Bay Club celebration with “beautiful nautical settings”.

Or for 44 000€ (just over $60,000), there is the option

Signs that you’re ready to get married in your 20s

Just a gorgeous couple, taking a stroll in the rain. Pre wedding photos captured in East Perth by wedding photographers A&C Photography.

Once upon a time, people were expected to nab a spouse by their early to mid-20s. But things have changed. Now, the average age of couples getting married are now closer to the 30-year-old mark. The average age of a bride getting married in Australia in 2016 was 28, according to the annual Easy Weddingssurvey results.

People are doing everything later in life: buying their first homes, having children, and getting married. But there are still couples out there who have been blessed to meet the love of their lives at a young age and are getting married in their early 20s or even younger.

Your partner may be your high school sweetheart, or someone you’ve had an instant connection with. Emotional maturity has nothing to do with your physical age, and if you are considering getting married young, there are some simple things you can identify in yourself to see if you’re ready to make the lifetime commitment.


Secret for a happy marriage

Say thank you

When was the last time you thanked your partner for something they do all the time? Did you thank them for washing the dishes, taking out the bins, cooking you a delicious dinner, or running you a bath so you could have alone time?

The power of a simple ‘Thank you’ should not be underestimated.

A study of almost 500 couples by the University of Georgia found that being appreciated and believing your partner values you and what you do for them, directly influences your feelings towards your marriage.

The study found that not only can gratitude strengthen an already happy relationship, but it can help to mend bridges and reel in negativity from arguments that may arise on the winding path that is marriage.

Effectively, it can keep marriages from reaching divorce point. That’s pretty powerful stuff.

Even if you are not particularly skilled at communicating your feelings 100% of the time, everyone can say thank you.

The study found financial stressors can create a pattern where one party begins to demand or criticize the other, causing them to withdraw from the relationship to avoid further

Tips Lose weight for your wedding

You may be recently engaged (congrats!) or your wedding day is looming and you want to look perfect for the big day. But let us tell you — a crash diet or depriving your body in any way, shape or form is not the way to go! Here’s why NOT to lose weight for your wedding…

Your fiancé loves you as you are

The love of your life either proposed or accepted your proposal, so they are more than prepared to spend the rest of their life with you and love you as you are right now. While you might feel pressure to lose a few kilos, it’s important to remember the reason you are planning a wedding is to celebrate the love between you and your fiancé. The number written on the inside of your dress or suit jacket is irrelevant.

You will look hot

No matter whether it reads 6 or 26, no one is going to see the size of your dress or suit, and no doubt you’ve put some thought into choosing a dress or suit in a style and colour that matches your personality and body shape for your big day. This will make

Should You Rent a Wedding Cars

This is surely the kind of question that you need to ask yourself when you are about to get married and would like to get the whole deal gorgeous venue, talented caterers, amazing entertainment artists and vintage wedding cars. You should consider working with professionals that can plan all types of events, including christenings Cyprus. This way, you can be certain of the fact that regardless of the party you have in mind, you know exactly who to rely on.
One of the many reasons why you should rent one or more of the available wedding cars is the fact that you and your loved one will travel in style on the day of your special event. Just imagine how amazing it will be to sit in a vintage, yet well maintained car that comes with a polite driver. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from getting a horse carriage that will allow you to feel like royalty. Everyone will see you and wave at you while you are in it. The good news is that you can opt for either of these solutions as long as you rely on experienced event planners.
They will help with

This 3 Unique Ideas Of Weddings In Bangalore For To-be-married Couples

A dream wedding is what every couple wants. And as the wedding season has started, Bangalore is teaming with people and decorators who together are trying to create magic once again with unique marriage decoration. Weddings are not just about venue decoration or pre-wedding shoots or any other wedding function. It is about every aspect in totality as well as individual perfection of every ceremony.
Here are some of the unique ideas that can make your guests say ��Oh my god! wow’ seeing your fantabulous wedding dcor.

3 Unique Styles Of Weddings In Bangalore
1.Village Style
Most of the venues opt for the flashy wedding decors which are interesting but are also the usual ones. If you want to make your wedding memorable yet to stand out from the regular marriage style, you can go for this concept.
��You can ask your planner for wedding venues Bangalore to be set up in village style, which creates a rustic charm.
��The decoration can consist of fake lanterns stuffed with flowers and fairy lights. The flowers can be tulips, orchids, chrysanthemum or any colourful seasonal blossoms. The idea is to give that glowy flowery feeling at night.
��You can also add

Know About Some Few Quirky Non-traditional Indian Wedding

��Band’, ��Baaja’ and ��Baraat’ are the common factors of every Indian marriage which are exciting with the traditional setting, but it still has something amiss. Not every couple wish to make their D-day memorable using the same old wedding ideas. If you are one of those couples who believe in quirky wedding decors to make your wedding a little non-traditional, then this article for unconventional Indian wedding decoration ideas is definitely for you.

Decoration For Theme Wedding
You may like the idea of a royal theme or Hawaiian theme wedding for yourself. But where’s the fun when these ideas have become so common? You can go for few uncommon factors.
��Ask your planner to add your and your spouse’s pictures hanging from helium balloons similar to the magically floating candles in Harry potter.
��Or you can create an ambience similar to the movie Pakeeza with the nawabi look.
��You can also entangle hanging lights with tree branches to create an enchanted forest theme wedding decorations.
��Go for branched crystal chandeliers or white flower chandeliers intertwined with fairy lights at every corner of the wedding venue.
��You can create the mandap as a canopy of white flowers in a combination

8 Useful Dos And Don’ts about Flower Decoration

Is your marriage on the cards? As the D-day approaches, you must be getting more and more excited, isn’t it? Considering the fact that your wedding is within the next 1 year, it’s quite natural that you have already planned for the best flower decoration for wedding. But wait, take some timeout and go through the useful dos and don’ts which will help you to sport the most beautiful dcor.

No matter whether you are taking some external help or opting for the ��Do-it-yourself’ route, here are some tips to speed up your wedding decoration process.

8 Dos And Don’ts To Have Perfect Flower Decoration
1. Do Keep It Simple
You might be very excited of getting married to your ��Prince Charming’, but that doesn’t mean you will make your floral dcor an entire messy affair. Rather than stuffing too many decoration ideas on yourself or your dcor planner, consider satin drapes, floral wedding bells and make it a simple affair.

2. Don’t Overlook Any Little Aspect
Since Indian weddings are a grand affair with several rituals, it is important that you look into every aspect of the celebration. From mehendi and sangeet decoration to reception stage, consider flowers like marigolds,

Info San Francisco City Hall Wedding

Are you thinking about having a San Francisco city hall wedding, but do not really know how you are going to handle all the details regarding this particular decision? Well, the good news is that there is nothing stopping you from having the ceremony in one place and celebrating the event elsewhere. You can even consider looking for Chicago wedding venues where you can organise both the ceremony and the party.
After all, it all depends on your personal preferences. No one will stop you from planning your wedding exactly like you have always imagined it. It is one of the most important events of your life, which means that it will be quite difficult to make it match all of your standards. However, if you were to rely on a smart app that you can download on your phone, the situation would prove to be quite easy to handle. Of course, there are different types of wedding planning apps that can be found on the market.
Some of them will offer you one or two interesting features, while others will come equipped with anything you can think of. That means that you will have the possibility to

A Marriage Ceremony Of Kamma Brides

Marriages are made in heaven and solemnized on earth. Hindu marriages emphasize tradition, happiness, harmony, and growth lustrous with the fall of fabrics, colors that define families’ social, cultural and religious elements. Unlike many communities’kamma community weddings are native heritage, extra lavish, holy and most influential. More than one fifth of kamma communities are spread everywhere around the world. Brides and bridegrooms of kamma community denote the royalty of their family.

Marriage for every girl is huge transformation as the girl leaves everything; she is familiar about and steps in new and different environs.
Kamma marriages are generally celebrated at bridegroom house. Few kamma families have the custom of worshipping lord veerabhadra during marriages.Kamma marriage ceremony is held on bright half of the day.

Kamma Brides are excepted to follow few rituals during the marriage process like holy bath with aromatic ingredients like haldi, rose petals, natural scrub which imparts healthy and flawless skin within her, followed by customized floral ornament adorn to hair, circular dots of kumkum on forehead between eyebrows, black waterline on eyes, nose ring for ethnic look, classic ear rings and sparkling sacred maangsindhoor for a perfect look. KammaGirl looks like princess on the day of

Few Easy Ways To Save Your Wedding Event Expense

One of the biggest ways to reduce the cost of wedding expense is; Try to focus on novelty rather than on grandeur. Think of innovative ideas to do simple and yet classy stuff on your wedding and people will remember those more.

The Wedding planning time period-
Cut down the wedding-planning time lag – Don’t wait for a year to get married and it will be easier to streamline the wedding. We all have seen a recent trend that is couples are saving money by planning a more last-minute wedding, instead of the traditional 11-month run-up. The shorter time horizon will force you to elucidate and keep you, by necessity. Cut the frills and be smart with your decisions.

The Venue

Try choosing a nontraditional venue – Instead of a dedicated wedding reception hall or country side club, check out less expensive facilities or venues from city spaces like zoos and civic gardens to restaurants or more offbeat locations that have some meaning for you, even a beach to your parents’ yard can work. One admonition: If the space is not equipped to cater a large party, calculate the extra costs for bringing in tables, toilets, or even a kitchen etc.


A Exclusive Ideas Of Events Decoration Bangalore

These days, every celebration in the country gets a twist with innovative adornment of the venue. As you are too planning for some upcoming events decoration Bangalore; to make it memorable for guests, it is important to go for a unique theme and style, isn’t it? Don’t mess up with the colourful ideas popping up in mind. For an exclusive design, one should first consider certain important points to make a head-turning arrangement.
Here are some points that will help you decide on the best decoration. Have a look!

Agenda for Best Events Decoration Bangalore:
1. Venue Selection:
When you are planning to throw a party or arrange an event, selection of the venue should be the foremost point. Because this largely influences the dcor ideas. If it’s a wedding, you can either choose indoors or outdoors like backyard, garden, or wedding resorts in Bangalore.
However, when it is in outdoors, taking note of the surroundings is essential. You can brief all these to your event decorator who will make plans accordingly.

2. Event Duration:
Not just duration, but timing of the event is another important thing to consider. The arrangement and design has to be according to the time

Some Things To Keep In Mind While Doing Flower Decoration For Wedding

No matter how modern trends of decoration are coming up, flowers in Indian weddings will always be the first pick. It is true that nothing can beat the elegance and ambience of flower decoration in wedding ceremonies. But there are certain things that one should remember while executing floral arrangements to decorate a venue.
Top florists in Bangalore have always suggested avoiding these flower mistakes that can ruin that entire dcor.

Things To Do For Best Flower Decoration Bangalore:
To avoid ending up with floral disasters, here are certain things that need to be kept in mind.
1. Have A Clear, Wider Picture In Mind
This means, one should always think of the venue as a whole while decorating with blossoms. Visualize the room full of your guests and place the flowers accordingly so that they don’t block movement of people around.
Placing a large flower vase at the centre would block the vision of the guests to see the mandap. So, place in the correct spot.

2. Choose The Right Colour Contrast
Colours can enhance the beauty of everything around. Avoid using all matching shades �� like purple flowers, purple drapes, and even purple outfit of bride and groom.

New Unconventional Ideas For Your Marriage Decoration

In India, when it comes to party and celebration, everyone gets up on the tip of their toes. It is that time when you can actually see how enthusiastic everyone is. It certainly gives a sense of happiness and unity that one can never forget. Be it a house party, wedding, reception or marriage decoration of the venue is a must! But why just stick to the old conventional way of decorating? It’s time to add a modern twist to these designs.

Cocktail Party
When one hears this, the first thing that comes to mind is dim lights, classy music, and good wine. But why not pep up the theme a bit? Try using old bottles and fairy lights. Yes, be creative with the design. Use bottles of different shapes, colors and sizes. Along with that, add some dream catchers and artificial flower hangings just for that extra’ factor.
With these, your cocktail party decorations will be the talk of the town. In case if you run out of ideas, you can always opt to hire a professional company to help you in this. You can also try this with house parties too!

Mehndi And Sangeet Dcor
No more garlands

A Perfect Candid Wedding Photographer In Kolkata

We portray ourselves as the artisans to carve the statuette of memories from the pebble of the big day! And we succeed in bringing out the sculpture with great emotions and liveliness by sticking to the principle of “Unless you photograph what you love you are not going to make good art”. This formulates us as the best candid wedding photographer in Kolkata.

A good candid wedding photographer never takes photographs, but essentially makes it. Henceforth, one can easily comprehend what their lives connote to their dear ones.

Being one of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata, we appreciate the perception that depiction never metamorphoses even when the people in it do. We, as a team, feel your blissful moments along with your family and friends with hardest promise; as we can never get hold of others experience no matter which when we don’t!

A good candid photographer is one who brings out a story out of the fiesta with his captures. All he has to do is to get interested in people in front of his lens and be compassionate. It is always good when the photographer figures himself to be the instrument rather than his camera!! And we being

Nail Your Indian For Your Wedding

Every wedding is special! This is why; people plan their wedding for days so that everything is perfect. But there is one thing that haunts the bride and groom: what if things don’t fall into places? And that is scary (no one can deny the wedding stress). D-day demands a lot, starting from sending invitations, to shopping and then attending the guests, booking a caterer and of course, the dcor. All these can be very stressful, so why don’t you hire a professional who will give you the best Indian wedding decoration ideas.

5 Things In Which Professionals Will Help You
First of all, let’s get something straight. There is a reason why they are called professionals. Here are the ways in which they will make sure, your wedding looks nothing less than a dream:
i.Deciding on the theme
ii.Mandap dcor
iii.Stage decoration
iv.Light decoration
v.Deciding on the garland
Yes, all of these are extremely important to make sure that every aspect of your wedding day is cherished with joy and happiness. Every picture that will capture the moments will be absolutely perfect!

Some Ideas For Your Indian Wedding Decoration Themes
Let’s first start with the theme. You can certainly

Looking For Wedding Venues In UK

If you believe that finding the perfect wedding venues UK is the kind of thing that you can do with your eyes closed, you should think again. The truth is that there are just so many types of venues, including Historic Wedding Venues and unconventional ones, that when you start learning a bit about each of them, you will begin feeling overwhelmed. Now, you should imagine having to go through different suppliers for every single wedding related service that you need to opt for.
When it comes to searching for wedding venues UK, you have a few different options. One of them would require you to perform your own online search and see what pops up on your screen. Another option would be to simply ask your friends about the venues that they know about. Maybe they can even suggest some Historic Wedding Venues that might be worth your while. A third option would be to rely on a wedding directory that can offer you all the information you require about venues and suppliers free of charge.
Before making any decisions in this matter, you should consider comparing the advantages that each of these solutions offer. When talking

The Wedding Reception Venues

There are so many interesting facts that you need to know about wedding directories that once you learn a few of them, you will not look elsewhere for wedding inspiration. Now that you have decided to start a family with the person you love the most, you need to start working on some wedding plans. Before making any other essential decisions, it would be recommended that you look for Wedding Reception Venues and maybe even some unusual wedding venues that can offer you some surprising advantages.
The undeniable truth is that the place where you decide to celebrate your event will influence this whole experience. That is why it would be recommended that you do your research before you actually start thinking about the type of Wedding Reception Venues that you might prefer. One of the most interesting things that you should know about a wedding directory is that you will have access to a lot of useful information. For example, when it comes to unusual wedding venues, you can learn more about each of them.
Usually, there is a list of venues that you can browse through using your phone or laptop. It does not really matter.

About Wedding Venues Wales

One of the most important facts that you need to know about planning a wedding is that this type of event can be a bit nerve wrecking if you do not have a guide that can help you in this matter. The good news is that regardless if we are talking about wedding venues Wales or ideas for hen and stag parties, a wedding directory can act as your source of inspiration. The best part about it is that it is completely free of charge.
You can have access to all of the information you might require regarding wedding venues Wales, wedding suppliers, ideas and so on. The right directory will even offer you the opportunity to invest in a magazine that can provide even more insight regarding the wedding planning world. As you may know, there are countless details that you need to take care of as soon as possible. The problem is that there is a lot of pressure that you will have to deal with when making important decisions.
Will you make the right choice? Will you pick a reliable supplier? Will your venue be everything you have imagined? To ensure that the answer to

Tips For Flower at Wedding Stage Decoration

No matter it’s your wedding or your sister’s; hectic days begin from months before, checking out the guest list, choosing the wedding attires, arrangements for the rituals and much more. Amidst all these, what misses out is the dcor of the venue. To make the occasion grander and memorable, the decoration will play a major role. So, invest some time in flower, mandap and wedding stage decoration Bangalore.
In Indian weddings, a mandap is the sanctified center stage where bride and groom exchange their vows. And the major mistake is to overlook this very space. Hence, while you rush to plan the venue decoration, these dos and don’ts (tips) will guide you to attain perfection.

Tips For Wedding Stage Decoration Bangalore:
1.Avoid stuffing too many ideas to decorate the stage. In the end, it will look too cluttered and messy. The ultimate beauty will be lost amidst the knick-knacks.
2.Avoid using heavy aromatic flowers, especially when it is indoors. Most people are allergic to strong smell and might feel uncomfortable and sick.
3.Do not use too many flowers everywhere. That can distract the guests from the main occasion. Also, it gives a feel of monotony if not arranged properly.